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August 19, 2017

Bride & Groom

We met in grade 5 at Brant Christian School. By grade 8, we were best friends. We began dating in grade 12 and got engaged on March 19 of this year. (Rachel 20/Austin 21). We are both so excited about our wedding on August 19, 2017! This is the same date Rachel's Grampa Ritz went to be with the Lord, 17 years ago. While Rachel was living in Europe, Austin and his friend went travelling there. Austin not only wanted to see Europe, but Rachel as well. Though he was super broke, he thought Rachel was worth every penny! We enjoy exploring, bouldering, cliff jumping, snowboarding, hiking, camping, family times and just being together.

We have created this honeymoonfund gift registry, in the hopes that we can plan our perfect honeymoon in Thailand!

I Said Yes!

I'm super excited to experience a life full of adventures with Austin.

Rachel Hope Adrianne Ritz

I saw Austin walk into our grade 5 classroom wearing cowboy boots and a big belt buckle. He just seemed to understand me from the beginning. Though he looks nothing like that 10 year old little boy anymore, he still knows and understands me when no one else does. I loved him as my friend since day one but I was too busy with bugs and plants to worry about "boys". One time in grade 8 we were talking and I said, "Wouldn't that be weird if we got married one day?" And he replied, "Ya. Too bad that would never happen." Looks like he was wrong ;) Austin in a genuine and honest person. He is kind and shows respect to all those around him, no matter their age. He loves to surprise me and is so thoughtful. He always tries to consider my feelings (when he notices but sometimes he needs a hint). Austin shows a lot of humility which is not a common thing today and really does make the best of every situation. Austin is unique and original and has so many gifts from God. One of the things I love most about Austin is that he genuinely prays to have a heart that longs for Christ more everyday.

Austin Taylor Fehr

What I love about Rachel is how down to earth and full of life she is. Sometimes I come up with some pretty crazy ideas and she is down to try pretty well anything (this may not always be a good thing). Rachel is pretty special in so many ways. She cares so much for everyone and everything...she's the only person I know that can look at a nasty bug and say how cute it is and try to save it from drowning! She just lights up when we are out in God's creation. She has the biggest heart and strives to keep her focus on Jesus always. She isn't scared to be a follower of Christ in front of anyone.

My Is Yours

I'm excited to simply do life with her.

Registry Items

Scuba Diving
for Two

Scuba Diving


Discover what treasures lie beneath the waves, as you swim with colourful, exotic marine life in crystal clear water!

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With Dolphins

Swimming With Dolphins


Find out what a "foot push" is, as you spend the afternoon swimming, and playing with these magnificent mammals. Get up close and personal with friendly dolphins!

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Couples Massage


Relax and get pampered! Enjoy a soothing couple's massage together while your stress and aches disappear.

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Jetski Adventure


Crash the waves and race your partner on these fast and exciting jetskis! Nothing quite puts a smile on your face like racing on the open waters.

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Kayak Excursion


Spend some quality time exploring the ocean scenery on a couple's kayak excursion.

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Horseback Riding


Enjoy an extremely fascinating experience, as you ride horseback in the tropical jungle and enjoy the beautiful ocean views.

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Sailing Cruise

Catamaran Sailing Cruise


Sail away on a sunset cruise in paradise! Take advantage of the open bar and amazing food as you explore the ocean on a private catamaran sunset cruise!

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Elephant Tour


Learn how to be an elephant keeper for a day! Spend quality time with your own elephant, cooking healthy treats, feeding, bathing, and bareback riding through the jungle.

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Jungle Tour


Experience Thailand's beautiful rainforests! Explore deep jungle waterfalls and unique wildlife on this unforgettable tour.

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Dinner on the Beach

Romantic Dinner on the Beach


Hear the sound of the waves and watch the sunset fade while we enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner!

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Flight Airfare


Help contribute to the flight costs of getting to our destination.

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Honeymoon Suite
Room Upgrade

Honeymoon Suite


Upgrade your room to an elegant honeymoon suite with a romantic jetted tub for two.

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Beachfront Cabana


Enjoy the privacy and comfort of a cabana on the beach for a day.

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Spending Money

Spending Money

Any Amount

Have a personal amount you'd like to contribute to their honeymoon?

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The Place

Thanks to all of your generosity, we plan on having an adventure of a lifetime in Thailand!

Riviera Maya